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Edalia Day
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Inspired by films like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and with references to almost every video game ever made, Super Hamlet 64 is a fast paced spoken word show about retro gaming and Shakespeare, full of projection mapping, poetry, and comedy songs.

Super Hamlet 64: Poetry Manual is a pamphlet of poems, songs and scenes from the show, made in the style of a 90s video game instruction manual.

Each poem is accompanied by a QR code that you can scan with your phone to watch a video clip of me performing it in the show.

Praise from reviewers of the show:

"Day never ceased to impress...the best original play I have seen." ★★★★★ - Theatre Bath

"Thrillingly funny and highly inventive."
★★★★★ - The Upcoming

"For the purist Shakespeare fan, I suspect that this was an intolerable bastardisation of a beloved script."
- Weston Super Mum

Audience responses:

"Excellent, self reflective, existential videogame/Shakespeare mashup."

"Had me grinning from select difficulty start to boss level end last night."

"If you consider yourself a gamer, a Shakespeare fan, or just theatre you need to see this. Deserves a HUGE audience."

"This show is absolutely ridiculously good. Best live show I've watched in a very very very very long time."

About the show

In the original, Hamlet's Uncle kills his Dad and marries his Mum. In my version Luigi kills Mario and marries princess Peach.

Originally a geeky experiment to try and rewrite a Shakespearean scene using only video game quotes, the project grew and grew when I realised how many similarities there were between Hamlet and a plucky would-be hero video game protagonist.

Now a full length show, I've been touring it for the past three years, delighting audiences all over the UK. 

Videogame design is all about giving the player the illusion of meaningful choice. Hamlet is about a boy trapped by tragic circumstances, unable to choose anything.

I've coupled Shakespeare's soliloquies with modern poetry, exploring ideas of growing up, ambition, gender and our fragile relationship with how we deal with our own mortality.

About the author:

Edalia is a transgender/non-binary spoken word artist, animator and theatre-maker based in Norwich. They trained in classical acting at ALRA in London and in mime and physical theatre at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Their theatre is visually stunning, full of explosive movement and exhilarating video projection, with comedy and a child-like sense of play at the heart of everything they make. This is their second book of poetry, the first being the Super Hamlet 64 Poetry Manual, about videogames and Shakespeare and made to accompany the show of the same name.

Their current shows include Super Hamlet 64, Too Pretty To Punch, and Spectacular Spacebots, a new family show about an autistic robot who goes on space adventures.


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  • A digital download of the book as a PDF file
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PDF - Super Hamlet 64 (Digital Download)

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