Too Pretty To Punch - Theatre production

Edalia Day
8 ratings

A comedy spoken word show about gender, the media and not fitting any of the boxes, full of explosive movement, original songs and kickass video projection. Edalia Day is a banjo wielding, poetry slam winning, trans warrior, taking on the world one troll at a time.

Too Pretty To Punch is a hilarious and uplifting journey through what it means to be trans in 21st century Britain. It reminds all of us (regardless of who we are) of the power of celebrating our existence. 

★★★★★ - Feminist Fringe

"a magnificent tapestry of gender expectations...a digital masterpiece." 

★★★★★ - Broadway Baby

"Too Pretty to Punch is the rare queer show that I have no qualms recommending to anyone.  Everyone should see this show."

★★★★★ - Edinburgh 49

"You come for the social commentary, which is lucid and insightful, you stay for the video-projection, which is (as promised) kickass." 

"Head-spinning, joyful, painful, funny - and I loved the tech. It's a blast from and to the heart." - Chris Thorpe

Edalia is a transgender/non-binary spoken word artist, animator and theatre maker based in Norwich. Trained at Lecoq and Alra, their theatre is visually stunning, with physical comedy and a child like sense of play at the heart of everything they make.

Writer/Performer/Animator: Edalia Day
Composer: Billie Bottle
Artists: B Mure & Jack Kelly
Stage manager: David Calder

The finale includes poetry, video and audio contributions from 15 transgender and/or nonbinary poets from all over the world:

Lee Mokobe, Ashe Vernon, Cairo Nevitt, Ash Palmisciano Robbie Masters, Adriana Scott Newsum, Leo George, George Cook, Millie Quick, Sez Thomasin, Jay Hulme, Carey Wood-Duffy, Kit Rayne, Kay Kassirer.

I want this!

1 hour show filmed at the Edinburgh Festival 2019

Suggested age: 11+
Audio described version available
Trigger warning: Discusses transphobia, suicide and violence,


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Too Pretty To Punch - Theatre production

8 ratings
I want this!